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Rewards & Loyalty

Earning points:

Enables our customers earn points each time they purchase* rp= reward points

Types of Earning/OptionsValue in USD/ZMWRedemption method
Earn on Purchase$ .5(ZMW 5)= 1 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Earn on registrationStraight 50 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Earn on "write a review"Straight 25 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Earn on" sign up for newsletter"Straight 25 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Earn on participation in contestStraight 25 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Earn on share or like a productStraight 5 rp100 rp = $ 1(ZMW 10)
Spending points:

Enables customers to judiciously spent their accumulated reward points.

FirstRedemption of points is allowed on a minimum purchase/cart value of $ 50(ZMW 500)
SecondRedemption of points is not allowed for accessories category
ThirdTransfer for reward points not allowed
FourthExpiry of reward points is at the end of calendar year
FifthSome premier products can have extra RPs
SixthMinimum one time redemption is by 100 rp.
Points expiration :

Customers’ loyalty Points will expire after two years has elapsed since not visiting our site. The system then will automatically send a reminder email and reward Points to get customer come back and purchase before their points expire. This is a great way to reactivate customers, and increase your customers’ purchases per year.

Tiered/level loyalty program:

We at tigmoo reward customers for lifetime events. Reward customers for their lifetime on : orders, referrals, or length of membership.

DISCLAIMER: The terms & conditions can be changed without any prior notice. All rights exclusively reserved with