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Start Your Christmas Shopping with our Lay by Scheme, Interest Free

Are you going to buy any electronic product or mobile phone device in nearest future? It is good idea to avail the opportunities of reaping the great advantages of the festive season. Yes, Christmas is not far away, and lucrative offers are going to be launched during the great time. If you are one of those who are waiting for the great deal in Zambia, the time has come when you are able to fulfill your choice to buy great electronic products and mobile devices.

Tigmoo is one of the top most online stores where Zambians can fulfill their requirement by buying their favorite products regarding their household items, office requirements. Apart from that, Smartphones and tablets are the main category of the selling products here. When it comes to the latest mobile phone brands, Samsung, Huawei, iPhones, LG, Infinix, HTC, itel are the best ones of many others.

TV is one of the most used electronic machines at home. People use it for catching information and enjoying various kinds of programs. If you are looking for something that is not just a television, but has a lot more than it, then your search ends at the best products at the online store. Yes, Smart TV contains highly advanced features to take your experience to the next level. Not only the quality of pictures, but also the features will make you happy when you find better controlling power and a lot more to do in the context of your entertainment.

House hold products like AC, Microwave, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Iron, and Juicer Mixer are in great demand in the market that is why Tigmoo has brought a range of these valuable products at the best prices. Using online shopping facilities, you can have these items at your door step without wasting your time and efforts which you need to do open market. Cosmetics and fashion jewellery are also what make your shopping rich from your trusted online store.

At the precious occasion of Christmas,Tigmoo is going to celebrate the season in a very peculiar way with its customers from any corner of Zambia. The best thing which will really be interesting for you, is the great offer presented by the store. How is it interesting? Yes, this can be the right question in your mind. Let us explain that customers at are able to lay by any item with 25% deposit. And don’t get upset thinking that you will have to pay an interest on it, as these are just interest free and you can enjoy the offers with just some simple criteria. That is why there is no reason to wait for the next moment. Just go to the website and book your product with only 25% deposit, you can pay the rest amount in next three months. For any further info, you can call on 09666 22222.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features Explained!

Announcement of the launch of any new Gadget doubtlessly creates a curiosity in mobile users as they always want to enjoy new features and functionalities of every new generation of Smartphone. That is why features of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will make you excited here and surely you would like to enjoy them enabling your fingers slippery on the smart touch screen.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 8 that fulfils almost all user expectations. Last year, Samsung messed up big with the Note 7 when the device failed to perform adequate quality control on its batteries. Soon many strange rumors started to come across on its surface. A lot of people claimed that Samsung will discontinue the entire lineup what it has maintained by now in the market of technology. But as it's clear now, that wasn't the case. Here we introduce to users the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Snapdragon 835

If you compare Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to its predecessor, you will find that a lot has changed on the device. And on the other hand a lot has remained the same. The device follows the same thing from the factor as its predecessor, in terms of overall build. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes up with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is manufactured out of the same materials but users get a big display upgrade with it, as they expected.

12MP Dual Cameras:

To the excitement of those who are lover of photography, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been launched with 12MP Dual Cameras. Both who are professional photographer and amateur can enjoy the clean and impressive photography experience with the device. As the online electronic products provider, Tigmoo brings a range of latest quality products.

Galaxy Note 8 Display:

The Smartphone Galaxy Note 8 has great feature adding a 6.2-inch Infinity Display, it is edge-to-edge. The resolution of the device is QHD+ (2960×1440 pixels) with HDR Premium support. If you buy Galaxy Note 8, you need not have a widescreen TV, right? The truth is that Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 with fantastic display.

You can buy Online at Tigmoo

If you are going to buy the ultimate device, you can feel convenient and relaxed to know that the device would be available at your favorite online shopping store Tigmoo in the Zambia which has already brought a huge range of the gadgets of various kinds. You can bring some of the special kinds of the offers or discount deals at the purchase of the device.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available in midnight black & maple gold colours. So you can maintain your lifestyle which will be perfectly matched.

Now this is the right time when you can buy the device and get the device at the best prices. You can buy Note8 online at Tigmoo.


Be Sure that Every Kwacha Spend Befits You Perfectly

As a shopaholic individual assuredly you are ever on the pursuit for acquiring top-notch pleasantries at the most fitting price. To accomplish this end, you explore the roadside stalls, master at the art of bargaining while trading the vendors at shops and remain notified about the upcoming or ongoing sales at the reputed shopping plazas. When at the end you become able to accomplish your bucket list at just the bargain you coveted, the avid shopper instinct within you feels the delight of seventh heaven.

However, given to the pressure-loaded lifestyle of modern times, it becomes much difficult for you to take time out for your very own shopping cruise. While meeting the deadline at office you find it highly disturbing that even being acknowledged with the present sale season going on in your city, you are compelled to give it a miss. At this juncture you think that the online shopping portals are undoubtedly enabled in availing all my requirements at just one click, but they are not able to render to me the pleasurable feel of sales shopping." Well, the reader Zambian, be acknowledged that at the virtual store of Tigmoo you can cherish this delight too.

From the very beginning of our journey in the arena of cyber commerce, we are committed towards one goal—to guarantee to every resident of Zambia a wholesome shopping experience. From storing the widest collection of electronic goods, fashion frills, sports requisites, cosmetics and household goodies to ensuring the brand loyalty in every one of them we strive in making shopping a real elation for Zambians. A special mention must be mentioned here about our distinctive September Stock Clearance Sale. In this distinctive auction we ensure that:

  • In the name of 'Clearance' nothing is getting vended that blemishes our repute
  • The deal on electronic goods that we are providing at this Sale is matchless compared to all the e-stores
  • Our clients are able to access the best stock of make-up items and vogue accessories at the never-though-of prices
  • The latest digital products at the best possible worth are getting offered by our marketing team at this time
  • Our especial reward program is benefitting the one who is spending 10000 kwachas and the one who is paying 1000 of it.
  • 15Sep

    The Dexterous Mate That Encourages Your Aquatic Feat And Swiftness

    Among the few exercise regimens, that human society most willing endeavors at, the sport of swimming is the cardinal one. The sprightly play and race with the water not only brings wholesome goodness to the health but also revitalizes the mind to perfection. Assuredly you remember the childhood days of frolicking in the pool at your home with your pet or merry-making in the jungle pond with your mates.


    At your mellowed age too, you can experience the fervent positivity attached to this so buoyant physical training program—however in a much constructive and productive manner. Keep in mind that at your childhood, given to the hyper active lifestyle, you did not require any additional exercise to maintain your physique. But as you grow up, the complex livelihood urges you to pay heed to your corporal. Swimming is the very adept option for you to venture at. And for perfecting your phase of experience, make sure you wear the Gear Fit 2 Pro digital device. This latest offering from Samsung is a sleek watch-cum electronic monitor which assists you in delving deep into the profoundness of water and at the same time keeping a track of your calories burnt therein. The exquisite Water Lock Mode safeguards the apparatus from any kind of watery wear and tears and up scales its popularity.

    We at Tigmoo are committed to giving you the best shopping sensation with electronic gears. Being a Zambian brain-child, our goal is to:

  • Ensure every Zambian gets the total fruitfulness of each Kwacha spend on the product bought from us
  • Affirm the product warranty as laid down by the parent brand
  • Define the true meaning of On-time Delivery to all the nooks of Zambia
  • Devise the most mind-striking offers on electronic goods
  • Array each year's monsoon sale with the most exquisite products at the impeccably enticing prices
  • Maintain quality closet of merchandise even at our stock clearance sale. This we can now from the clients' commerce experience with us.
  • 28Jul

    Expand Your View with Infinity Display for Better Watching Experience

    Samsung is a brand that has created an incredible identity in the mobile phone and electronics industry. Quality and commitment is what makes the Samsung stand apart from other mobile phone brands. The innovation in technology is what you can better look in different products of Samsung. When it comes to the new models of Samsung Smartphone, it provides its users with a range of products that are loaded with the cutting-edge technology. Every new generation of Smartphone comes up with new innovations that reflect in every aspects of the devices, whether it is its look, design, display, battery, camera and other features.

    Display of Samsung Smartphone is a significant part of what makes the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ a favorite device of users from across the world. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ have "Infinity display" which is basically an edge to edge display screen. It is made of curved gorilla glass layer and it covers the LCD. The Smartphone’s infinity display effectively gives users a bigger and clearer view without having a larger phone. With the same device, you can expand your view with Infinity Display. In terms of protection, the infinity display guards the mobile phone and makes it easier to clean efficiently. For instance, when a user leaves his gift of finger grease or spots of dust, for him there is no need to worry as it is quiet easy to wipe off these spots without applying pressure on it.

    The Infinity Screen of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ gives you a lot of increased one to see. It makes you indulged in watching videos and playing games with the device as it gives you an uninterrupted and immersive watching experience. In the Smartphone technology, Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ infinity display creates a new standard. It gives users capability to expand screen size without increasing mobile phone size. It really gives you the prospect of having your favorite device in your hands.

    Another astonishing thing what Samsung has done with these two mobile phone devices is eliminating the physical buttons from them. Samsung has replaced these physical buttons with onscreen buttons and yes these work perfectly with greater user experience. Samsung is really including the wrapper in phone design with the creation of Infinity Display. A full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen and bezel-less screen with default resolution are Full HD+. It can be efficiently changed to Quad HD+ (WQHD+) in settings. The screen can be measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting rounded corners.

    Considering all these things, if you are thinking of upgrading your device to a distinctive shiny one, either of the two Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ will prove to be a worthy upgrade. You can think of reaping the advantages of the elevated level of user experience with any one of them.


    Tips to Understand Your Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Better

    If you have Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, you can feel proud of its features, functionalities and capabilities. No need to say that the devices are really designed and developed with cutting edge technology and bring high-end performance along with the elevated level of user experience. However some of the users may be able to use only the limited features of the devices as they may not be familiar to all kinds of the features. Let us explore some hidden points that can increase the capabilities and user experience for those who have Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ as their favorite device. We hope, using these tips, you would be enjoying all the features that come with this amazing device in a better way.

    Change the Screen Masks on the Iris Scanner:

    To your greater interest, you will know that unlocking feature of your default biometric can be changed to make it more interesting. The company has added cartoon screen masks to ballet up the iris scanner. With the help of the following way, you can reach the place where you can select the mask you like.

    Go to settings app – lock screen security – iris scanner- preview mask screen – Select the mask

    Customize Always on Display: The function Always on Display comes up with different features like colours and picture backgrounds, clock layout, etc. You can also programme the feature to go off at a time you please. On your devices (Samsung galaxy S8 or S8+), you are able to customize the Always on display screen with great ease. Just follow the track given below.

    Settings > Lock screen and security > Always on display,

    Active Edge Lighting Samsung:

    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices have the dominant edge lighting feature. This feature efficiently gives the device a unique appearance and greater capabilities in comparison of other android phones. If you want to activate this feature with one of your devices, you need to follow the below track.

    Just go to Settings > Display > Edge Screen > Edge lighting

    Apart from these settings, you can also decide whether you want to show edge lighting when your device is either on or off, or in both conditions.

    Adjust The Icon Sizes In The Home And App Screen Grid:

    You would wonder to know that you have a choice to adjust the size of icons in the home screen grid. If you wish to change them accordingly, your wish will be fulfilled. In Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, the adjustable sizes are; 5×5, 4×6, 4×5. Your App screen can also be adjusted to 5×6 and 4×6.

    Just hold down the home panel - Press the home screen settings to create customization with the home screen grid.

    Enable Power Saving Mode:

    It is great that battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ device can be extended. This feature comes in handy for those who use the device for greater time duration. With your Samsung S8/S8+, you can make proper adjustment to the power saving mode. Go to Settings > Device maintenance > Battery

    To extend battery life, you have two options - Mid and Max. The option Mid disables Always on display and reduces its brightness, and the option Max disables most apps that allows your Smartphone to last for more hours.


    Know About Your New Samsung Device with Virtual PA - Bixby

    Whenever you have any desire to purchase a gadget, you try to search out well-featured mobile. But because of a big collection of brands and their different models, you may get inconvenience to choose the best one. You may also require the right adoptability of applications. Innovative apps are also the things that make the gadget much more interesting and convenient. No need to say that Samsung brand develops useful features in its gadgets, but it can be really interesting to know that you can have innovative app developed with the Samsung Smartphone. Yes, it is Bixby. Brand explained it as a virtual personal assistant, as it does a lot of works for uses as their personal assistance. Apple and some other brands already have given such type of technology to users. Personal assistant (PA) works for you and it attends you about your daily working process. The work of a human can be done via Samsung Galaxy S8. A machine can help you make planning. When you get up in the morning/ your virtual personal assistant in the form of Bixby alerts you about the condition of the day.

    Bixby also indicates you about your responsibilities. Generally, it is founded, whenever you have the responsibilities of your home or office, there are so many chances that you forget some little works, and some persons have habitual of it. Here this device can do a good job for you. It can remain you in every work of your life. Bixby was launched first with Galaxy S8 , and there is a dedicated button on the side of the device, which helps users operate their virtual Personal Assistance. At first, this feature was launched in only English and Korean, although Brand declared that Bixby is ready to launch in some other languages like Chinese and US Spanish.

    While launching Bixby, Samsung cleared the mystery of the application. It will work with Samsung's own apps such as Settings, Calculator, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Bixby Vision, Gallery, Internet, Phone, Reminder, Weather, and Messages. Bixby will also support some other third-party apps like YouTube, Maps, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. You can give commands to Bixby via your voice or press and hold the side button of the phone. It is Bixby which can update you on the present situation via innovative features. If you want to involve such type of technology in your life. you can think over to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+.

    Samsung has been popular for manufacturing quality gadgets with commitment. Samsung has a big global market of its gadgets and a huge network of global users. Bixby will make it stronger and more efficient to use the devices with high-end performances. It is really a result of hard work done by the team of professionals of Samsung that users can enjoy Bixby as a virtual personal assistant. Without any doubt, you can believe on Samsung while buying your new Smartphone with PA online. If you buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ online, you can reap many benefits from the side of manufacturer and online shopping store as well.


    Glimpse of Tigmoo’s 1st Birthday Celebration in June

    Finally the day came and Tigmoo enjoyed 1st Birthday celebration in June with its team of professionals and valued customers. A lot of winners and buyers have witnessed the great moments and events of celebration. Large number of Zambians enjoyed the great advantages what were offered as the great sale on KAI products and electronic devices. It is rightly said that it has given an amazing experience to all those who indulged in different contests, sales, deals and other events in this celebration.

    To inform valued potential customers, Tigmoo had already announced that in the month of June, it will celebrate the Birthday celebration of the company, and so a large number of participants indulged in it in an enjoyable loom. If you have missed any part of the entire proceedings of 1st birthday celebration at Tigmoo, the following article can give you a glimpse of the celebration. You can come to know what are those things that made visitors and buyer excited on their sale and contest.

    KAI Active Weekly Contest was held on each Wednesday throughout June: As per the brand contest held in the month of May, KAI won the top rank-brand award at the online store. KAI got a majority of votes from site users who wanted to get discount on products. That is why Tigmoo started a contest of KAI Active Weekly Contest that benefited a large number of online buyers of Tigmoo. KAI Active was “The Product of the Month” as per the contest, so the products of the brand were in great demand on discount prices. And as per the commitment from Tigmoo, the website offered all products on flat 20% off on KAI purchase.

    Apart from the KAI Active Weekly Contest, KAI Active Tagline Contest was organized inviting participants to submit a creative tagline for KAI Active..#TigmooKAIGiveAway. In this contest too many participants raised the reputation of the site and Tigmoo showed the thankfulness to all those who participated in it.

    Tigmoo Monthly Contest was also the great attraction for Site users from across Zambia. The monthly contest was run throughout the month. The winner was awarded with Astro Mercury tab...on Hot FM

    During the 1st Birthday celebration, Tigmoo ran Tigmoo Friday Give Away – It was held on each Friday throughout the month on Hot FM.

    Bumper prizes and exciting sales and lot of promotional offers were run on Hot FM everyday throughout the month of June.

    Though for the Birthday Sale, the brand KAI Active was chosen, yet Tigmoo did not forget to offer Huge and lucrative offers on different electronics products, tablets & laptops and Smartphones. Home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and many other products are given to these kinds of persons who took part in such kinds of promotional offers.

    After looking into the great interest of buyers, Now Tigmoo decided to extend those lucrative offers till 8th July, so that buyers could have greater opportunity to reap the advantages.


    Learn Beyond the Classroom - Lenovo Laptops & Tablets

    Laptop is one of the most useful devices for any office in the modern scenario. Most of the business persons, who have a lot of work to be managed or those who have been in the online business, require a quality device. Not only these ones, but also students, developers, designers and other professionals indulged in information technology and digital marketing needs a laptop for suiting different kinds of tasks with it. Apart from the laptops, tablets are also very popular devices for students and professionals. Those, who are mostly on the move, require a device that is suitable for their purpose on the way or on the different places, consider the tablets the most important device. Tablets are bigger than Smartphones so these are convenient to work with. And on the other hand, these are smaller than laptops, so these are conveniently taken away wherever their users need to go.

    When it comes to the role of tablets and laptops in education, it is greatly interesting to find that a large number of students take help of these electronic devices in the classroom and even at their home. Online education and the indulgence of technology in the education make it more convenient for them. The students feel free to learn beyond the class room. With the help of these quality devices it is very easy and convenient to manage classroom at their home, and attend online classes. Watching videos and loaded lesions are played to make a routine learning at home. Now students are free to learn and attend video lecturers whenever they have free time or as per their suitable time schedule.

    Among various branded products are Lenovo Laptops & Tablets that are popular among the users from across the world. If you are also looking for some quality devices like laptops or tablets, you can also trust on the Lenovo products. These are known for their quality and capabilities. Advanced features and functionalities make them suitable products for using in education as well as in the business. Where to buy Lenovo Laptops & Tablets? This can be a question in your mind, but it is obvious that you have a numerous options of buying Lenovo products. Physical and online markets are flooded with quality devices ensuring various kinds of models that provide different options of buying such quality devices.

    There is good news for the natives of Zambia that the people have efficient options of buying Lenovo Laptops & Tablets online from reputed online stores. There are some reputed online stores in Zambia that take great care to bring quality products manufactured by many popular brands. Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Apple and many other brands with a range of products are available, so there is no need to wait for the second moment. Just visit your favorite online store and explore the site to find your favorite device and finally take a decision to buy it.


    Did You Know? Tigmoo Provides almost each Electronics & Smartphones on Manufacturers' Warranty

    With the elevated level of credibility and loyalty, Tigmoo, the online store in Zambia, offers its online shopping services. Started one year ago, the online store has been successful to curve its niche in the online shopping industry. The fast-growing network of online buyers can tell its success story in the market. It is really surprising that an online store can build its trust among the countrywide customers within only one year. Yes, the reason behind its success is that the professionals understand that reliability, honesty, transparency, and commitment are the basics of any business success, and these are the actual things that are always put on the priority at tigmoo for its valuable customers. Quality and commitment in its services create an innovative and efficient way of online shopping in Zambia for natives of the country.

    Lucrative discount offers and deals on branded products are also one of the top most factors that make Tigmoo, the favorite place for online buyers of electronic products like traditional mobiles, Smartphone, tablets, laptops, home appliances, etc. Choosing Tigmoo for your online shopping gives you opportunity to buy quality products at affordable prices. Sometimes the promotional offers led by the online store become the right fit chance to buy electronic devices at incredibly lowest prices.

    Apart from these all, there is one more thing that makes buyers more confident while buying their desired products from the online store. Bring it into your consideration that the store (Tigmoo) provides almost each electronics & Smartphones on Manufacturers' warranty. Most of the mobile and other electronic products manufacturers launch their products with a warranty for the special time period, and the online store brings them as per the same warranty period.

    Most of the popular brands like Samsung, Huawei, Itel, Infinix, Astro, etc. bring their Smartphones with one or two years warranty. While buying your device, you can confirm about the warranty period and everything else regarding it. Whether it is Smartphone, Tablet, laptop, Smart TV or any home appliance, you can enjoy the warranty, and in case your device shows any problem, you can get the professional assistance from manufacturer side.

    Particulars about the warranty brands provide:

  • Samsung offers two years warranty for mobile phones and laptops while it provides only one year warranty for LED TVs & home appliances.
  • Huawei Infinix, Itel and Astro, etc. offer one year warranty for mobile phones.
  • Apple, HTC and LG provide no warranty on its mobile phones.
  • Huawei, Astro, Lenovo, Itel provide one year warranty for Laptops and tablets.
  • For TV sets LG offers 2 Yrs warranty, Hisense for 2 YR, Philips 1 YR and Real (Speakers) 1 YR
  • For home appliances, most brands like Daikin, Hisense, Kent, KIC, Midea, Moulinex, Nasco, Philips, Real, Samsung, Symphony, Tefal, Whirlpool offer one year warranty. LG offers 2 yrs warranty on all its home appliances.
  • No brand offers a warranty on any Smartphone accessory.

  • Before buying your device or appliance, make sure whether manufacturers provide warranty for that particular device or not. It should not be considered that a manufacturer offers warranty for all products manufactured by it. It may be possible that a particular brand provides warranty for any products, but it may not for others. One more thing you should consider is that Tigmoo does not provide any warranty for any accessories. The way of providing warranty will make you feel stress free while and after buying your products from Tigmoo. That is why there is nothing to worry for buying your products online.

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