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Comparison S7 & S8 Features - Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. S8

Whenever you look for services of any technical equipment, you want to take its greatest features and facilities at lowest prices. In the gadget area, there is a long list of gadgets available for you. It may be difficult for you to choose the best-fit gadget because it should relate your liking, requirement, capabilities and fashion choice. What type of gadget do you want to involve in your life? It is really a big question, so before buying any Smartphone, you should read about its features, capabilities, quality, etc.

There are various models of branded Smartphones available in the market; it becomes a necessity to choose the best fit product for you. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 are two of most demanded Smartphone in the market. You can also choose any of them- S7 and S8. If you want to look into the comparison between Samsung S8 & S7 features, you can get it here. The article represents some especial differences between features and capabilities of Galaxy S7 and S8.

Although main display technology of both the gadgets is almost same, which is dual edge Super AMOLED, yet in the matter of size, S8 is bigger than S7. You can get 5.1" display if you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 while if you want to get more than bigger display, you can select Samsung Galaxy S8 with 5.8" display.

After attending this, you can think about battery capacity and backup because it is also an important factor of any gadget. There is not a big difference in the capacity of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. Both phone's battery has 3000 mAh capacity but when you will think about battery talk time then you can operate Samsung Galaxy S7 up to 28 hrs after refilling its battery one time. On the other hand, you get 2 hrs more battery backup with S8.

With the help of Smartphones, you can save your personal and important data in it. While buying any gadget you should think about its storage capacity. With the help of 32 GB storage, you can collect a large data and in that, you can keep your documents, favorites video, and audio songs safely. You can get 32 GB internal storage with Samsung Galaxy S7, but S8 can give you double internal storage capacity where you can feel yourself stronger in terms of your device storage capacity. Up to 64 GB micro SD card can be inserted in both gadgets.

Beautiful memories can be preserved by capturing a picture or recording a video with the help of Galaxy S7's 5 MP front and 12 MP rear camera. Although both S7 and S8 have the same kind of rear camera capacity 12 MP, yet if you want a front camera of 8 MP on your device, you should have Samsung Galaxy S8. Both phones' cameras can help you at night also. You can click a good quality picture at night with the help of S7 and S8 flashlight.

These were some basics of Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. S8, I hope these points will help you know about both the devices and choose the best one as per your requirement.


1st Anniversary Sale…. Not Just a Sale, It's Our Love!

It is exciting to announce that Tigmoo, the No. 1 online retailer in Zambia is going to complete its first year in online shopping services successfully. For one year back, it has been providing customers with electronic and fashion products ensuring reliability in services what Zambian expect of the online store. Tigmoo is going to celebrate its first Birthday month in June with 1st Anniversary Sale. Launched on 23rd 2016 with limited categories like electronic device and home appliances, the online store grew well and become successful in building a sound network of customers from across the country. With a large number of regular customers, Tigmoo became the first priority among the online shopping options available in Zambia.

1st Anniversary Sale is not just a sale but it is love what the online store and its team have for its current and potential customers. Under the 1st Anniversary Sale, the online retailer has brought a lot of fashion products options at affordable prices. The people who are looking to buy men's or women's wearing, can avail the online shopping options at Tigmoo.

Some of you would have enjoyed brand Contest from 25th May to 30th May, now get ready to have more fun with the 1st Anniversary Sale. During the Brand Contest, a lot of candidates participated and voted for their favorite brand of which products they want to have discount. And finally the day came and KAI Active was announced a winner brand as per the number of votes it got, now it is Tigmoo's turn to bring special offers and sale for site users. The persons who believe in buying online fashion products in Zambia will have a great deal and discount on the products of KAI Active at Tigmoo.

Under the 1st Anniversary Sale, Tigmoo has brought a love and affection with big discount deal on KAI wears and other electronics items. If you are interested in the deal, visit the site and get much more there. It would be the great chance to add the happiness in your lives with Tigmoo's 1st anniversary celebration and offers. A lot of discount offers and deals are available for everyone at the online retailer in Zambia, so there is no reason why you should miss the opportunity.

The team of Tigmoo acknowledges that the success what it has earned is not a result of what they have done but it is the result of the love and affection what customers have shown for the online retailer. That is why they offer big thanks for all who helped the online retail shop in building it the most preferred place for all Zambia.


Have You Tried This New Instagram Feature?

Instagram is a video and photo sharing platform based on mobile, desktop and internet. The application allows users to upload videos and photos, and to share them both privately and publicly.

Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the Instagram was launched in October 2010. It was previously made as a free mobile app exclusively for the iOS operating system. After two years, a version of Instagram for Android devices was released in April 2012, which was followed by a feature-limited website interface in November 2012. The app was further given new features with its new version for Windows 10 Mobile in April.

Instagram offers opportunity of registration for users for free, and lets the registered users upload photos and videos to the service. As an Instagram user, you can apply various digital filters to your images, and you can also add locations through geotags. You can add hashtags to your posts for linking the photos to some other content on Instagram. If you have your accounts on other social media sites, you can connect your Instagram account to your other social media profiles. Connecting the Instagram account to others will enable you to share photos to those other social media profiles as well.

Save Your Live Video to Your Phone

In the series of improvements, Instagram has got new feature of saving your live video to your phone. Now you have the option to save your live video to your phone at the end of a broadcast. Though your live videos will continue to disappear from the app at the end of the broadcast, yet this update will give you the capability and flexibility to hold onto your video. By holding onto your videos, you can re-watch it whenever you want to do. When something exciting happens during your broadcast and you want to remember or share it with your friends, you can hold onto your videos.

When your live broadcast comes to an end, you need to tap Save in the upper right corner. By doing so, you would be able to save your video, but you cannot save the comments, likes, number of viewers or any live interactions. When you save by making tap Done, your live video is saved to your camera roll but it will not be available in the app.

The team of the Instagram is happy to notice how people are using live videos to get in touch with their, relatives, friends and followers in the moment. It is said that this is the first of various improvements which the professionals will be making to live videos in future. The Instagram version 10.12 is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play.


5 Influential Tools You Can Use to Develop Android Apps

With the help of technology, it is easy to set up, promote and run your business. Web and mobile technology together have given it efficiency for businesses and its customers. Yes, you may think of developing high-end mobile application to showcase your services, product or blog. It is easy to develop your customized mobile application instantly without any delay. You can avail the pre-made solution to develop android app. You need not wait for months, as it is a matter of hours.

No need to think more over whether it is possible to develop your application or not; it is obvious that with the help of some powerful mobile application tools, people are able to build their customized mobile app fast under their budget. Mobile app development tools make you able to design and develop application for any platform. The following are 5 influential Android development tools that can help you develop any application within short time.

Good Barber

GoodBarber is the most advanced Android app development tool that is known for developing Android applications with enormous capabilities and functionalities. For developing any application with this tool, you need not any coding. The application development tool enables you have full control over every component of the application. GoodBarber comes up with various design templates, fonts, icons, etc. and enables you to develop Android app from scratch. The best part is that you can get a free mobile version of your website if you take pre-made mobile application.

To make your users more and more engaged, you can go for an attractive look with great structure of your application. You can add various sections including photos, videos, sound, etc. You can add the features of allowing, commenting and adding content.


For native Android applications, EachScape is a joint, cloud-based, drag-and-drop editor. Some of you may think that it is an odd combination; however, it is an efficient tool to develop mobile application. Apart from that, this app development tool comes up with mobile-end services for applications, Web preview for all applications and an online build service.


TheAppBuilder is a unique App development solution. With the help of this tool, you can have a various ranges of app types that fulfill the need of clients, employees, visitors and over all businesses. With its curious approach, TheAppBuilder services are completely different from those of all other tools. With the help of this tool, you can customize your application as per your own business needs.


AppMachine is one of the best app development tools that help people in developing android applications with a lot of easiness. This Android app development toolkit allows you to develop all colors, fonts, styles and Icons and unique navigation logic. You can drag, drop and preview the progress. Additionally, you can test your developed application and find out different changes from various devices.


In the series of advanced mobile app development tools, ViziApp reserves its reputed place. The tool merges an online visual designer and a variety of customizable sample applications. It comes up with code generation for mobile Web and Android native apps.


Biometric Card with Fingerprint Reader for More Security Measures

Though the technology has given facility to make transactions instantly yet the chances of the fraud and miss-happenings are higher. Sometimes cheaters or fraud take benefits of these online payment processes by stealing personal information of user’s credit/debit card. That is why the strict security is utmost necessary for users so that the online payment can be made more and more secure. Looking into the fact of urgency of higher security, MasterCard has launched a biometric ATM card that is protected by fingerprints. To enable transactions at any retailers, finger prints of the user are necessary. The biometric technology makes it more secure, and ensures that only the user can make any transaction via the ATM card. And other than the user, no one can make any shopping or any transaction even if he anyhow steels other's ATM card and related information.

After getting desired success in their trails in South Africa, MasterCard has come up with the biometric cards embedded enhanced facility and security with them. In South Africa, MasterCard made trials with Pick n Pay retailers and ABSA Bank (a subsidiary of Barclay Bank). In all its trails, the company has come to the point that now the users would feel free from the stress of fraud done with their debit cards whilst making transactions.

The biometric strip has been put on the upper end of the card where the cardholder needs to place their finger on it while making payments so that the online money transaction can go in a successful and secure way. The new MasterCard ATM card with biometric strip is still of the same size as normal. And the card will still have the same chip and pin that functionality allows making withdrawals at ATMs or swiping machines for purchases. To use the ATM with biometric strip, retailers or shopping stores will need to have a biometric swiping machine that can detect the card and its owner’s fingerprint.

Users will experience the elevated level of convenience and security with the use of such biometric card, during shopping and making online transfer at retailers. The finger print technology will help card holders gain their lives knowing that their payments are protected well. Cardholders need to enroll their card by simply registering with their financial institution. With the card registration, user's fingerprint is converted into an encrypted digital template and is also stored on the ATM card with the strip.

This card allows users to use it at any EMV card terminal anywhere across the world. When users shop and pay in-store, the ATM card with biometric strip works like any other chip card. The cardholder has simply to dip the card into a terminal and place his or her finger on the defined place where a sensor is embedded. The fingerprint of user is verified against the inserted template. When the biometrics matches successfully, the cardholder is authenticated to make transactions securely.


Samsung Earned the Title 'Most Admired Brand in Africa'

With its legacy of quality and commitment in technology and efforts made to bring digital revolution, Samsung has earned a great reputation on the international scale. Samsung has a huge network of customers from around the world as the brand has tried to take its innovative technical concept and advanced technology to the people in almost every corner of the world. Whether it is Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or other electronic machine, the brand brings it out with best in quality, design and features. That is why users always get satisfaction to have a quality device with great user experience and never hesitate to admire it for its quality, attractive design and innovative features.

For its quality products, digital services and incredible efforts made for humanity, Samsung recently was entitled the "Most Admired Brand in Africa" by Brand Africa 100, an organization that conducts annual survey to rank the top 100 brands. The recourses reveal that Africa’s best brands was conducted as an annual survey of the Top 100 brands in Africa which defines the recognition of the company's wide variety of citizenship programmes across the entire continent of Africa. During the survey, Samsung has earned the reputation of being the most admired brand in Africa for its quality products and services.

Apart from achieving the top position In Brand Africa 100 rankings in 2016 and 2017, Samsung spread its wings to many other countries and became able to increase its brand value by thirteen percent in eight different countries. In some ways, the Brand has jumped to the next level in the international market.

Samsung aims to focus on improving Education for people with the use of cutting edge-technology. As a global corporate member, Samsung tries to create positive change for worldwide people in communities. And especially in Africa, the brand's primary citizenship efforts have made hard focus on children education. The brand has made a lot of efforts under its mission of improving education of children in Africa. Since 2011, Samsung has been providing great solutions for education in the country. The efforts made by the company include the development of eLearning Centres, Smart Schools and Digital Libraries in various rural areas across the continent of Africa.

The purpose of providing such facilities loaded with cutting edge technology is to make a greater number of children, able to access and use the digital technology which is in modern scenario needed for children to gain high education and improve their lives. In its mission of improving education, Samsung has been successful to establish more than 10 Digital Villages. Under a multi-solution programme, the company chose such villages that are addressed with the lack of health and education infrastructure for children in Africa.

The Samsung Solar-Powered Internet School (SPIS) sets an appropriate example of Samsung's educational development-related efforts made in the country. The company has been helping both students and schools in achieving its goal and about thirty schools are currently in operation. The new initiative, the Women Technical Programme in Ghana and South Africa, was added to help women in entering the field of technology.


Users Behavior with Digital Market Place in 2017

This is the era of technology, and the people are getting addicted to use it in different walks of life. Such dependence on technology has encouraged experts to give it more and more capabilities and efficiencies in its uses. In the business world, the internet and web technology has been one of the most dominant things which have given businesses a new and effective way of shopping. Way of online shopping dominated with cutting edge technology has now become a trend that is why internet market is flooded with various kinds of online shopping stores.

The innovative way and latest technology have made both customers and businesses capable to fulfill their purposes. As a customer, it is very easy for you to reach out various online businesses to fulfill your every kind of shopping requirement. On the contrary, if you are a business, it is also easy for you to find your targeted customers in the internet market. You are capable to curve your niche in the digital market place by reaching more customers from across the globe, and you can stand out from the rest of the pack.

Digital advertising landscape in 2017

In 2017, technology has been successful to create a digital advertising landscape based on users' behavior. It doesn't matter whether you are a business or consumer. It has given more capabilities for users to interact with your brand through multiple channels using devices like Smartphone, laptops or desktop.

Obviously, today's buyers have more expectations than the early generation of buyers in history. Modern customers want to make their online shopping a personalized deal, and for it they want to make one-on-one conversations with brands at the right time. Before buying any product from any online shop, customers expect to have a good personal conversation with the representative from your business via cell phone, on social media and all other channels. After visiting your website and finding their favorite product, buyers want to get assurance from the customer care executive, thus in brief; your customers now want to have a continuous experience.

The advertising landscape based on users' behavior make it possible for businesses to reach out their targeted audiences. It is easy to trash or find out targeted customers who are searching for the products which you are selling like at your business place.

Making your customers engaged with your brand continuously is really a challenge for digital marketers and representatives. New opportunities of user engagement can be confusing if the customers are poorly tackled, and it can lead to lower chances to build and maintain a sound network of customers. Experienced advertisers and marketers can make your business more efficient with covering a huge network of customers from across the world. A sound amalgam of understanding users' behavior and usability of innovative technology can make it more powerful connection between customers and brand.


Bixby - New Virtual Assistant by Samsung

Cutting edge technology has come up steps ahead with the creation of new virtual assistance (Bixby) which is a new way to efficiently interact with your phone. Maintaining its continuous development in mobile technology, Samsung has announced about a new virtual assistant which has been named Bixby. It is expected to do much more than Galaxy, Cortana or Siri. It is much more than just being an assistant you yell commands at. This will bring revolutionary changes in the uses of the Smartphone, and will give users great assistance in better performance with their device. Bixby will make your phone more helpful efficient. It will assist in completing tasks, and will let you know what you are looking at. It will better help you in learning your routine and remembering several things what you need to do.

Bixby Talks:

Just push the Bixby button and avail the services from Bixby - a virtual assistance. With several incredible uses of the Bixby, your mobile phone will be more useful in different works what you have to do every day. Like your personal assistance, Bixby will help you getting things done in a way easier than ever before. It knows the applications of your mobile and will help you know how to use them efficiently. The best thing is that you can talk, type or tap as Bixby understand all the things.

For using this service, you need to log-in Samsung Account accessing data network connection (Wi-Fi or data network). With it, user interface design can be updated.

Bixby sees: With capabilities of seeing, Bixby becomes more helpful. Bixby has proper access to your Camera, Gallery and Internet and can give you a wider and deeper understanding about what you're looking at with your Smartphone. When you tap the Vision icon in your viewfinder, Bixby will serve up contextual icons such as translation, landmark recognition, QR code detection or shopping.

You can pre-order S8 & S8 Plus here:

Bixby reminds:

Like your personal assistance, Bixby reminds you when and where you need to. Using this virtual assistant, you will get reminded time to time. Bixby is built into your favorite apps, so it is easy for it to be a good reminder based on time and location. As a reminder, Bixby can include specific content such as a video which you want to watch whenever you get home.

Bixby recommends:

With the help of Bixby, you can have quickly access to your favorite content and apps in a tap or swipe. With the advanced technology, Bixby is capable to learn your routine, and so you can always have the rightly required content ready whenever you need it. Bixby catches the vital information from different apps you have in your device, so you become able to accomplish more from a single screen.


Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to help combat HIV/AIDS

It is a great effort of Apple to contribute the Global Fund on selling (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The appreciated act will give large encouragement to people to join this campaign at the international level. Actually, Apple has launched its Smartphone (RED) iPhone 7and 7 plus and has made announcement that the money collected from the sale of (Product) RED, will go to the Global fund to help patients who are infected with HIV or AIDS. Under Global Fund, Apple has made 10 years of partnership with RED. In this way, not only the mobile manufacturing Company, Apple but also the customers who buy the Product RED will contribute the Global Fund which is especially designed to help patient combat against HIV/AIDS.

Since Apple has been working with (RED) for years, so by now customers from across the globe have made a significant contribution which has sound impact on the fight against HIV or AIDS. By purchasing the quality products, customers have not only got a quality and featured device, but also have shown a right way to help humanity. The effort done by both the company (Apple) and RED customers has showed that all from across the globe have been stood with the HIV victims in treating and protecting them, and this can be an effort towards eradicating the fatal disease.

How it works:

When you buy this product, you make a difference in increasing the fund. It means if you buy (Product) RED, the organization send a contribution directly to Global Fund, and Global Fund uses this complete amount of money to financially support HIV or AIDS programs. The programs are run to help people affected by HIV in different countries including Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland, South Africa, Rwanda, Lesotho, etc. Through these programs, main focus is emphasized on reducing and eliminating the transmission of HIV from mother to child. There are many cases that set right examples of saving the coming generation from the fatal HIV.

Apple with the partnership of RED has become the largest corporate of the world which contributes the largest part of the Global Fund. Through this way of contribution, the corporate has created the opportunity for iPhone customers to contribute the Global Fund. Every contributor makes difference to the Global fund and HIV/AIDS programs.

Since its beginning in 2006, (RED) has contributed more than $465 million to the Global Fund and about $130 million out of $465 million have been received from Apple alone.

About the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED:

If you are going to buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED, it would be a good decision in terms of buying a quality and featured device. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition is available in 128GB and 256GB models. This special edition of (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is available in jet black, black, silver, gold and rose gold colors.


Avail the 'Happy Easter Sale' on a Large Collection

For great celebration of Easter, people are indulged in planning to make it more and more enjoyable and memorable day. Happiness and enthusiasm of people is on high spirit as they are going to celebrate the Easter, also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday on 16th of April, 2017. It is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. As per the description given in the New Testament, Jesus resurrection occurred on the third day of his burial when his crucifixion was done by the Romans at Calvary. It is the day of happiness and colours, and people have a lot to do on this festive week.

Not only young people, but also kids and teenagers are also very happy to celebrate this day. You can make your plan for egg hunting and coloring them. The imagination of the holiday and chocolates can make kids pleased. If you are also one of those persons who have great passion to make this day a great celebration, you would like to make shopping for the occasion.

As you are going to celebrate the day of joy and happiness, Tigmoo, the online store has brought you lucrative offers and great deals with electronic devices like Smartphone, tablets, etc. If you are looking for buying any quality device, this is great to avail the 'Happy Easter Sale' on a large collection at The online store has created a lot of options of Easter shopping for making this day enjoyable.

If you have planned to buy your Smartphone from the online store, you would be able to enjoy online shopping of electronic devices manufactured by LG, Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc. The manufacturers have also given the discount offers for Smartphone devices. Apart from the Smartphone and tablets, the online store also brings a wide variety of the branded home and kitchen appliances like smart Televisions, LEDs, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and a lot of other products that you can use in your home.

As the coming Easter or Resurrection Sunday is on 16th of April 2017, the online store has already created rewarding sale offers, and people can enjoy discount sales and lucrative offers till 17th April-2017 on the website of Below are few products out of a wide range which are available at discount prices at the online store.

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